International Academic аnd Professional Conference “Science оf Translation аnd Translation Profession Today”

March 13 and 14, 2025

(Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Serbia, 9 Kičevska St, Belgrade)

Dear Colleagues,

We invite translatologists and linguists to present research from different areas of their professional and scientific interest, from didactics of translation and specialised language, theory and history of translation, through problems concerning professional translation, terminology, translation criticism to the application of modern technologies in the translation process, in order to participate in the International Academic and Professional Conference “Science of Translation and Translation Profession Today”, which will be held on March 13 and 14, 2025, live in the premises of the Association or remotely.

The call is open to researchers from Serbia and the region, as well as those from other countries. We especially encourage young researchers to submit their presentations.

The aim of the conference is to improve the scholarly and professional approach to translation through the exchange of knowledge, experience and good practices. The plan is to publish the participants’ presentations, after the blind peer review process, in the journal Prevodilac.

We suggest that interested researchers consider the following TOPICS in their presentations:

– Translation profession in theory and practice

– Specialised language, terminology (standardisation, terminology management, term bases), lexicology and lexicography

– Didactics of translation teaching and specialised language teaching, use of artificial intelligence

– Artificial intelligence, machine translation, computer-assisted translation tools: possibilities and limitations, influence on the translation process, creativity in the processing of results, quality assurance problems

– Localisation, transcreation, adaptation

– Translation for minority groups (languages of minorities, refugees, migrants), cultural mediation

– Translation standards

– Labour market and translation


Oral presentations (live or remote) of up to 20 minutes and poster presentations are planned. Between such presentations, discussions of up to 5 minutes are envisaged.

Each presentation can be prepared by at most 3 authors, of whom at least one author is obliged to attend the event.

Languages of the event: Serbian, languages of the region, English (the subject of the presentation may be other languages as well)


Interested researchers, who wish to participate in the work of the conference, either with an oral presentation or a poster presentation, are invited to fill out the attached application form by September 15, 2024. 

The application must contain up to 10 keywords and a summary of up to 300 words.

Application form can be downloaded from HERE.


The registration fee for participants includes the collection of summaries, conference materials, participation certificate, refreshments during the breaks and costs of publishing the final version of the presentation.

Full price (researchers in employment)Preferential price (doctoral students, retired researchers and independent researchers, research members of the Association) 
Early payment: EUR 50
Late payment: EUR 70
Early payment: EUR 35
Late payment: EUR 50

The registration fee for attendees includes the collection of summaries, conference materials, attendance certificate, refreshments during the breaks.

Full price (attendees in employment)Preferential price (students, doctoral students, retired researchers, members of the Association)
Early payment: EUR 10
Late payment: EUR 15
  No registration fee is paid.

In case of applications with multiple authors, the registration fee is paid for one participant. If other authors attend the conference live, they pay the registration fee for attendees. 

Every participant and attendee should register and pay the registration fee on time. The registration period will commence on: December 15, 2024.

Participants and attendees are kindly asked, after the payment of the registration fee, to send to the organisational committee a scanned version of the payment slip to the The payment slip should be kept until the opening of the event.

In case of cancellation of participation, no refund is possible.

The costs of transportation, travel and accommodation are covered by the participants and attendees themselves.


For payments from the Republic of Serbia, into the Association’s dinar current account:

Current account: 205-3987-58

Reference number: PREVKONF25

Purpose of payment: Participant PREVKONF25 registration fee / Attendee PREVKONF25 registration fee

For payments from abroad into the Association’s foreign currency account (in EUR) according to the following payment instructions:

SWIFT: ???

IBAN: ???

The relevant amount shall be paid in dinar equivalent on the payment date at the middle exchange rate of the National Bank of Serbia. In order for the registration to be complete, the full registration fee amount must be paid.

If you have any enquiries about payments, please contact us on:


CONFERENCE DATE: March 13 and 14, 2025

Application submission deadline: September 15, 2024

Deadline for notification about application acceptance or rejection: November 1, 2024

Start date of the period for registration and registration fee payment: December 1, 2024

Early registration fee payment deadline: January 10, 2025

Publication of the preliminary program: after expiry of the early registration fee payment deadline

Late registration fee payment deadline: March 5, 2025

Publication of the final version of the program: March 10, 2025

Deadline for sending the written version of the presentation: May 15, 2025

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