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To become a member of our Association, the applicant needs to prove his/her qualifications and competences to translate/interpret complying with the best professional practice and the EU and international standards.

An interesting fact is that from the very start our Association has introduced the requirement for its members to state their area of expertise when filling in the membership application form – which has globally become the professional requirement (termed domain competence) as late as in 2015, by adoption of ISO 17100.

Our members provide professional translation and interpreting services in many different domains:

  • Legal and Patents

  • Medicine (Human and Veterinary)

  • Financial and Trade

  • Science and Research

  • Marketing and Media

  • Engineering

  • Technology

  • IT + Localisation

  • HORECA & Travel

  • Humanities


Our members are expected to observe the professional code of conduct, which implies, but is not limited to, the following rules:

  • ensure a professional level of translation and interpreting
  • meet deadlines in translation projects, including a mandatory pre-delivery check
  • commit to continuing professional development
  • keep all clients’ data confidential
  • respect colleagues and practice solidarity
  • avoid misleading marketing and misrepresentation
  • abstain from taking over and soliciting the clients of the Association and other colleagues
  • offer services at rates below those set by the Association (dumping)
  • avoid participating in any activities that may harm the Association
  • avoid creating conditions that would open door to unfair competition in the translation and interpreting sector
  • take part in organisation of scientific and professional conferences, etc.
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